Hackathon Projects

I have been involved in several Hackathons in the past few years. These have given me a great opportunity to try out new skill and develop new ideas in a short, condensed time.



At my first ever Hackathon, my team and I, created a game for the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. The game involved piloting a spaceship through an asteroid field using the Leap Motion. In the end we won the overall 1st prize for the Stacs Hack, 2015.

St Andrews Family Tree


At the University of St Andrews there is an academic family system where older students adopt younger students. We created a system to allow students to input there academic family and it creates a complete family tree.

Spell Ops 4


At the 2016 Stacs Hack, my team wanted to improve our game development skills in Unity3d. We developed a networked multiplayer wizard dueling game for PC.