iOS Games

While at school, I developed some games for iOS using GameSalad. I self taught myself how to use GameSalad and this process helped me understand the fundamentals of programming and game development. In total my apps have been downloaded over 30,000 times.



Down was my first and most successful game. It was a maze game that utilised the accelerometer to let you navigate to the goal. The graphics were every basic as I had no experience however the gameplay was simple and fun.

Sun Runner


Sun Runner is an endless runner. To create the graphics in this game is used real photos combined together. The games graphics also change depending on the time of day in the real world. This means that if it is night in real life, it is also nighttime in the game.



Cuby was an experimental endless game that I made over one weekend. It is an endless game which allows you to control the speed of the world in comparison the your character in order to jump as far as you can.

Adventures Of Goo


Adventures of Goo is a complex maze puzzle game. It had by far the most advanced game design as I had learned a lot making my other games.