Video Games

During my Fourth Year at University I completed a module on Video Games. As part of this course I made 3 games.



Practical 1 involved creating a physics engine for Artillary game in a similar style to Worms.

Procedurally Generated RPG


For Practical 2 I had to create a procedurally generated Rogue-like RPG. All levels were procedurally generate and increased in difficulty. The game had a primordial cave theme and requires the player to avoid and eat other creatures.


The final practical was to make any game you wanted with no set specification. S.P.A.C.E - Space Pirate Awesomeness Control Emulator was the result. It uses a novel control mechanic requiring only one button per player, to navigate your spaceship around a race track. As only one button is needed per player it is possible to play multiplayer games all around the same computer.